Vigna vexillata
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Location: Satara, Maharashtra

Abstract: This dark green leafy Creepers flower in August. The reddish violet flowers have two verticle petals, two horizontal ones and a half moon shaped one at the center.

The Central petal has a rolled over edge, so as to form a tunnel! It is as if a pearch for the insects.Well that is exactly what it is. As an insect lands on this central petal, its weight draws out a trunk like organ from inside the tunnel. This has the anothers, style and stigma. The Visitor is bathed in pollens and the trunk is drawn in as the insect flies of to land on another flower helping cross pollination. The Climber is common in forests in hilly areas in konkan and slopes of Sahyadris. The plant is names Vigna vexillata of the Fabaceae family. 'Halunda' is the colloquial name. We may better call it 'Elephant's Trunk'!

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