Ceropegia Oculata
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Location: Satara, Maharashtra, India

Abstract: Propagation of the species is a major phenomenon in all life forms.

This happens because of reproduction through the male and female gametes. Fertilization is of course a crucial event. Animal are mobile and can search and even choose the best mate.How about the plants? It is the insect that help the plants pollinate, fertilize and then disperse seeds. Imaginative devises have evolved to attract insects. The multitude of colors, scents and even stench are a part of this strategy. Certain Species go a step further; they take some insects as hostages and will release them only after pollination and fertilization. Lantern flowers or parachute flowers - Ceropegia (Kandil pushpa) is an expert in this hostage drama. Reference By Sandeep Shrotri Books

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